Nikki Sixx: We Slept With Daughter, Mother, GRANDMOTHER!

Motley Crue has always been known as the sleaziest rock band to ever shake their way on to the scene. We've heard about snorting Ozzy's piss, the overdose, the sex tapes, the car crashes, but not this dirty little story. Nikki Sixx tells it:

"For us it was always, 'Let's set a goal for something stupid and see if we can do it.' We would put bounties out on stupid shit, like whoever could sleep with the fattest chick. And managers would start getting involved - one of them said there was a $10,000 bounty out for whoever could sleep with a mother-daughter team. Then that became too easy, so it was a mother-daughter-grandmother team. You couldn't pay me now to do half that shit."

Who know when Vince sang I'm such a good good boy, I just need a new toy, that toy was collecting social security.

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